Lessons in Nature Writing

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When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.

—John Muir

Do you feel called to write about nature?

I wrote Getting Started with Nature Writing , a Kindle ebook, to encourage those who want to write about nature but feel the need for some instruction and support.

Those who purchase the Kindle ebook and would also like a copy of the PDF or Word document, which includes space for completing the exercises, can contact me at khauswirth@sbcglobal.net. The PDF or Word document is $5 to purchasers of the Kindle book.

 Table of contents (note: all modules contain exercises)
Module 1: What Kind of Nature Writer Will You Be?
Module 2: A Nature Writer’s Tools
Module 3: Field Notes and Beyond
Module 4: Getting Your Writing Underway
Appendix 1: Links to nature writers and their inspiring words
Appendix 2: Words of wisdom from interviews with Connecticut  nature writers

If you’d like more personalized instruction regarding your nature writing, I offer a review service for the beginning nature writer. The fee is $50 for my review of up to 10 pages of double-spaced text ($40 if you’ve already purchased the book), in which I will offer suggestions via email for streamlining the draft, improving its readability, correcting any errors I notice along the way, and ideas for further writing development and/or publication, contest opportunities, etc.

I can also arrange to teach an in-person workshop to an individual or group in some cases. Please contact me at khauswirth@sbcglobal.net to discuss. 

About the author: Katherine Hauswirth’s career as a writer and editor spans more than 19 years. Katherine’s writing often centers on themes of nature, ecology, literature, and contemplation. She was a biweekly columnist at BiblioBuffet, a Web site for book lovers, and was awarded a Wesleyan Writers Conference scholarship based on her nature writing in 2014. In 2015, she was awarded the honor of Artist-in-Residence at the Edwin Way Teale writing cabin and home site in Connecticut. In 2017 she was a writer in residence at Acadia National Park in Maine. Some of her publications include pieces and poems in: Orion online, Connecticut Woodlands, Whole Life Times, Blueline, Snowy Egret, Chronogram, The Christian Science Monitor, the On Being blog, The WayfarerSeasons, The Day, The Writer, and many more. The Book of Noticing: Collections and Connections on the Trail, launched with Homebound Publications in May 2017. An essay from the book, “Beckoning the Mountain,” won first place in the Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition (memoir vignette category). The book won honorable mention for general nonfiction in the 2018 American Society of Journalists and Authors contest.

More links to instructions/advice on nature writing. Most are blogs/brief articles: