Hello, Subscriber: Some Updates!

I appreciate my subscribers here, particularly as I don’t post here as faithfully as I once did. I got busy with my biweekly Loving the World subscriber e-newsletter (for now it is weekly, while the new book launches and I get busy with events!). And, of course, I got really busy with the book itself, which grew out of the newsletter!

The Morning Light, the Lily White: Daily Dips into Nature and Spirit, with an entry for each day of the natural year (even Leap Day!), is a labor of love that I consider both almanac and devotional. It’s got a spiritual bent, but with a very light touch on that front. Mostly, the entries embody how contact with flora and fauna feeds our daily lives, our minds, and our spirits. Some of the entries are derived from the newsletter, but I had to write many more to make 366 days worth!

I’ve just recently updated the About and Events pages here, and created a new About the Morning Light, the Lily White page, too, complete with generous blurbs from fellow writers and nature lovers. Please take a look. Most events are live, in CT, but there is one webinar coming up at the end of this month.

As always, I love to hear from readers and work with fellow writers at all levels of experience as they engage in their own labors of love. Read more about that here.

Remember, without readers there would be no writers! Thank you for being here and please keep in touch at khauswirth@sbcglobal.net.


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