Podcast Interview: It was a Treat. I am a Nature Guys fan!

It was really lovely, and quite an honor, to be interviewed by Bob at Nature Guys. The episode just dropped today, at https://natureguys.org/katherine-hauswirth/

4 thoughts on “Podcast Interview: It was a Treat. I am a Nature Guys fan!

  1. Hello from another Connecticut resident nature lover! Heard your interview today and planning on buying both your books – already can think of a few friends to also get as gifts- you are inspiring and now that I am retired recently , my daily nature walks have taken on a new meaning – looking forward to reading more from you I. The future !
    Debby Stone

    • Debby, so nice to meet you! I love Bob at Nature Guys, and how very friendly and accessible the program is. Thank you for supporting your local author. Always happy to supply signed copies if the need arises. Congrats on your retirement. I wish you many happy walks as spring unfolds, and beyond. khauswirth@sbcglobal.net

  2. Your interview on the wonderful Nature Guys was so fantastic that I promptly ordered the enchanting Morning Light, the Lily White and am awaiting Noticing. I am particularly inspired by your writing because you are not a degrees biologist, ecologist, etc. This is so refreshing because it seems that to speak on a subject without a degree in that thing is to be inferior. This mindset is wearying. So, as an amateur naturalist, Many Thanks! I have signed up for your newsletter a few weeks ago, but haven’t seen anything so I’m not sure if it took or not. I would probably interested in subscribing to a Patreon or such, if you ever consider that.

    • Elizabeth, thank you for taking the time to write! Yes, amateurs of the world unite! 😉 While I continue to learn and really work hard to fact check, I agree that sometimes in this field those without encyclopedic knowledge and/or advanced degrees can be viewed as “less than.” The more folks are interested and engaged and trying to learn, the better for all of us. At this point I don’t have a Patreon. The closest thing is the Buy Me a Coffee link on my subscription newsletter, which comes weekly (it used to be twice weekly, but I do it less during this book promo season). The link for that is to the right. Again, many thanks!

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