The Book of Noticing

2016-05-01 08.32.39

Admirable tree in East Haddam

Soon, I want to write about tent caterpillars and robins and nests and the soul’s ease that comes with long walks during lengthening days…But this post is just a short one, because I want to share great news!

I just signed a contract to have The Book of Noticing: Collections and Connections on the Trail published by Homebound Publications. So, this time next year I expect to have the bound book ready for release into the world! There may be Kindle and audio editions, too!

The Book of Noticing is a contemplative narrative on time in nature and the deeper truths that the experience reveals. It takes in the variety and beauty of many adventures in New England, weaves in intriguing facts from the natural world, and often steps back to look at broader subjects like family, a meaningful life, and the future of our planet.

(That being said, I need friends to help me perfect a really good “elevator speech” that can help me encapsulate what this book is about! I have less than a year to learn how to be a good marketer, and any and all tips will be genuinely appreciated).

2016-05-07 08.17.51.jpg

My neighbor on Bridge Street has been mowing around these beauties!

7 thoughts on “The Book of Noticing

  1. Congratulations! What wonderful news. Regarding your elevator pitch: think of it like writing a speech. Write the first draft of everything you want to say, then cut, cut and cut some more. Say it out loud over and over and time it. Think of one sentence that explains it in a nutshell. You can do it!

  2. This is just about the strangest tree I’ve seen. (Is that it’s name … Admirable?). Congrats on your bok contract. I like the title very much. Look forward to hearing more about it. 🙂

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